John Pilger: a hero Journalist of Free Press, dies aged 84


John Pilger Australian Journalist and renowned documentary filmmaker dies at the age of 84. His death News was announced by his family on X formally known as Twitter.

Pilger was the most celebrated and the most iconic journalist. As a Journalist, He was a strong critic of the Imperial Foreign Policy of the West. One of His Top Investigative Documentaries was a criticism of the World Bank and IMF giving Loans to third-world countries in harsh conditions.

He worked for Major Media Companies including ITV, Daily Mirror and other top news organizations.

Pilger spent most of his journalistic career covering Wars in third-world countries including Vietnam, Bangladesh, Cambodia and other places. He spent most his time creating top-notch documentaries on global issues.

He also played a crucial role in British Television using his vast travels and knowledge to Produce films such as The Dirty War on NHS ( National Health Service ), He predicted that privatisation of NHS could lead to another major health crisis in the UK.