Most amazing new trains coming in 2024


For almost a year, the demand for trains has been increasing as it was disrupted by the Covid 19 in 2020 and 2021. There is a sharp surge of travellers who want to travel on high-speed trains. Travel on high-speed trains has bounced back to a greater extent.

People living in urban areas and congested cities have made trains a necessary transport system because the large amount of vehicles, and massive traffic on roads and highways make travel time time-consuming compared travel to trains.

For decades countries have begun to develop the infrastructure of trains between between in cities and connected regions, so people can travel with convenience.

Travellers often look for great experiences that many great trains can offer.

Here are some of the amazing new trains to travel in 2024. 

Madrid to Paris in high-speed train

This high-speed train cross border train service between Spain and France are operating partially with a few trains per day. Massive improvement of this high-speed train coming up in 2024 as this train as it currently operating on this route.

Spain’s national rail operator Renfe introduced new routes from Madrid and Barcelona to Lyon/Marseille in the year 2023, and Trenitalia has announced plans for a Paris-Barcelona-Madrid link in 2024.

Paris to Berlin by night or by day

This train operates three times a week via Strasbourg and Frankfurt, the linking up of “Nightjet” will step up to nightly in fall 2024, providing a high-quality direct service for tourists and business travellers.

As with other Nightjet routes, demand is expected to be high. Seats start at just $33 and sleeper cabins from $105 per person.

Paris-Berlin train will operate on a daytime connection as SNCF (France’s state railway company) is also working with its German counterpart to start a direct TGV high-speed train in 2024.

Italy’s new train

Italy’s new amazing super-deluxe train “Orient Express – La Dolce Vita” will start in 2024. This new train is super luxurious offering a great experience for premium travellers.

Brussels to Prague

Most of the European trains are interlinked with each other.

European Sleeper’s Brussels also opens up opportunities for Irish, British and French travelers to reach central European states cities which are connected with Eurostar international trains in the Belgian capital.

Pompeii High Speed

Train to Pompeii is changing in 2024, with a weekly direct high-speed connection from Rome taking just two hours. 

Next generation Nightjet

New routes and a newly built more than 30 trains will significantly expand and improve Nightjet’s offer to European travellers in 2024.

These trains are vividly designed and functional to give a great experience to travellers.

Eastern & Oriental Express train ( South East Asia Region )

One of the world’s super luxury trains is returning to the rails in 2024 after a few years. Eastern & Oriental Express will once again thread its way through Malaysia on its journey from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur before continuing North.

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