Joe Biden started offers citizenship to hundered of thousands US citizens spouses


US President Joe Biden on Tuesday will make a big announcement  offering a path to citizenship to hundreds of thousands of immigrants in the United States which are residing illegally and married to US citizens, a large-scale legalization within years.

The program, which will be rolling out within next few months as to come. It will be open to an estimated 500,000 spouses who have lived in the United States of America for at least decade as of June 17, a Top Official of Biden administration said in a statement with reporters on Monday. Some 50,000 children under age 21 with a US-citizen parent also will be eligible.

This program will also allow the spouses and children to apply for permanent residence without leaving America. removing a potentially lengthy process and family separation. They could eventually apply for US citizenship. Biden, a Democrat seeking a second term in the White House, took office vowing to reverse many restrictive immigration policies of Trump, who is also seeking a second term in the White House. 

There are thousands of immigrants who want to enter into USA via borders with Maxico facing themselves in lengthy process and fears of deportation which was the main slogan of Republican leader Donald Trump during ering the election campaign.

Biden wants to legalize these immigrants in the USA.