Israel Gaza war: Is two state solution is achievable?


After months of bombardment of Gaza, there is little hope that this war crisis would come to an end. on the other hand, the Prime minister of Israel is in very belligerent mode. He is reluctant to accept the creation of a Palestinian state. Western diplomats tried to put an end to this madness of conflict by creating two states but Benjamin Netanyahu rejected the idea of two-state solutions.

What is the two-state solution?

Two-state solution means that there will be two states, Palestine and Israel that would put an end to this long lasting conflict in the Middle East.

Why it is not difficult to achieve a two state solution?

Since 1948, there were several wars have been fought between Arabs and Israelis on to this day but Wars and continued conflict did not bring any result but merely death and destruction to the Palestinian people.

At the previous UN resolutions has made some commitments to resolve the Palestine-Israel issue but did not work out. There is still a chance there for peace to resolve the current issue by Great Powers at the United Nations.

There is no way Israelis pushing to rule people by military force, No one can rule a nation by invading armies.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the longest-serving prime minister of Isreal has rejected the idea of two-state solutions.