Gaza health situation is very difficult to improve. WHO


The World Health Organization Top chief said on Sunday it will be impossible to improve the “catastrophic” healthcare situation in Gaza even if an emergency WHO motion passes to secure more medical access.

The emergency response taken up by various countries to rebuild the healthcare units to restore temporary medical aid. 

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is concerned with the health situation.

Gaza hospitals come under imminent and intense Israeli bombardment leading to the collapse of the Health system. WHO ( World Health Organisation ) indicates that there have been more than 400 attacks on healthcare facilities in Palestinian territories since Oct. 7

Tedros said that it would be hard to meet the board’s requests given the security situation on the ground and said he deeply regretted that the United Nations Security Council could not agree on a ceasefire As the United States vetoed it.

Israel criticised the motion and said that their adversary was using the people as human shields.

WHO emergency sessions happened to mediate the situation as the intense bombing of health care facilities in Gaza.

The previous mediation and truce of a few days between Israel and Hamas hostages has somewhat relaxed to medical supplies to let in but now the situation is even worse. 

Reuters and DailyWestNorth.Com have contributed to this report.