Want to move abroad in 2024? These are the best countries for expats


On every New Year occasion, People starting to set goals for themselves. This year also brought the same kind of adventure and leisure ideas for people who want to move abroad and settle in amazing countries offering better life and opportunities.

Due to the changing nature of work, People are now likely to choose remote work to travel around the world. These people are called Digital Nomads. Most of these expats are choosing remote work as an alternative to work in the office. Along with digital nomads, other business people who wants to move abroad can take advantage by settling in these countries.

Some of these countries offer better life and opportunities for people including retired servants, digital nomads, and businessmen can relocate to these countries. 


Portugal is one of the most beautiful country in the Iberian peninsula and is mostly popular for expats to get visas of different kinds. Portugal’s Passport has been ranked as the 4th most powerful Passport in the world.

Portugal is seen as one of the most affordable country in terms of its quality of life, health care and more. Portugal is the most reasonable place to live as compare to most European countries.


Spain is one the most spectacular country in Iberia. Spanish society is mostly multicultural and integrated. When comes to the cost of living, Spain is the suitable option to live in one of the most exquisite country in Western Europe. 


For centuries Italy has remained of centre of having cities including Venice and Rome offering great historical and cultural experiences in a country which is connected to the Mediterranean. Italy is one of the most amazing countries receiving millions of tourists in year. 


France is another great European country which is known for its great historical city Paris. France is ranked in quality of life and has a great health care system. France is well known for its affordability to live there.


Germany is a well-known and of the top economy in Western Europe. Germany has a huge job market, a great education system and health care system. 


You can move to these countries in 2024 to settle there.