Passport Ranking 2024: The Most Powerful Passport Countries


The Ranking of Powerful Passports countries was issued earlier this week by Henley & Partners. In the Passport Ranking index list, Most NATO European countries have dominated the ranking to travel to almost 180 countries.

These top countries’ citizens can visa-free travel up to 194.

Here is the list of Top Passport ranking countries.

1. France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, Singapore

2. Finland, South Korea, Sweden

3. Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands

4. Belgium, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, United Kingdom

5. Greece, Malta, Switzerland

6. Australia, Czechia, New Zealand, Poland

7. Canada, Hungary, United States

8. Estonia, Lithuania

9. Latvia, Slovakia, Slovenia

10. Iceland

Countries with the least Powerful Passports

1. Afghanistan

Afghanistan is one of the poorest and wartorn country where its citizens can’t travel to a lot of countries without a visa.

2. Syria

3. Iraq

4. Pakistan

5. Yemen

6. Somalia

7. Palestine, Libya

8. Bangladesh

9. Sri Lanka,

10. Sudan

Some of these Countries’ passport rankings have improved over the years as their internal security situations stabilized.