Claude to be introduced to iPhone as chatbots competition grows


Open AI First Product of chatbots ChatGPT cannot sustain itself as the sole chatbot in theĀ  world of Artificial Intelligence. Open AI main competitor and serious rival Claude is improving as a rival chatbot and can be introduce to Apple Products suchs as iPhone.

Claude is better chatbot as compare to ChatGPT in terms of functionality, fast and accurate responses.

The Team Behind Claude had previously worked in Open AI but due to some reasons they left the Open AI. 

In the world where interaction with smartphones are became a central part of daily routine of people. Claude as a efficient AI Assistant can be integrated to iPhones.

Claude as chatbot is improved and retaking position as serious competitor in chatbot generative AI world. 

The Launching of IOS app and they will also available to teams and corporate customers can take their premium subscription  to access to entire AI chatbot.

ChatGPT monopoly is no more sustainable as other AI apps are competiting in AI business landscape.