Tesla started deliveries of much hype electric Cybertruck


Tesla Cybertruck is the first new model in almost four years. At a time when tesla is making electric vehicles (EV) in demand and rising competition in the EV industry. Cybertruck is also one of the most celebrated products lebeled by Elon Musk gaining ground industry and generating sales.

Elon Musk said that for almost 18 months, we have put a significant of amount time and hardwork in the making for Cybertruck and it well take another a year to become a feature product in EV Market.

Cybertruck will be priced starting at $60,990, It’s price was highly expensive in 2019 when it Body was slashed with hammer in live event.

Musk himself drove Cybertruck into a stage where the crowd cheered and later handed over vehicles to more than ten customers at an event in Austin, Texas.

Tesla share stood at 240.08 in extended trading.

Cybertruck became a product of attention in United States as well as in European continent. Cybertruck’s new body material is futuristic style and complex structure and costs to production, and threatens to alienate traditional pickup truck buyers who focus on utility.