Why AI Stocks are booming


In Less than a week, there are deals happening on a massive scale by big tech companies to buy some led companies. Open AI is now worth $80 billion dollars in value and Microsoft made it clear that they would integrate AI into their Tools and Search Engine Bing.

Since Open AI Launched  ChatGPT in 2022, the AI landscape of tools has exploded creating new possibilities to interact with New applications and chatbots. These chatbots became very popular around the world. Investors look at the remarkable growth of AI as a Market worth now of nearly trillions. 

Nvidia shares surged to a significant level as they are the main hardware producers of AI chips.

There is another company named Super Micro Computer which has now come into the business of making servers, storage systems, software and networking solutions. They are now competing in the AI landscape, their stocks have surged to record highs during the last few sessions.

Top Investing Experts in JP Morgans and Bank of America see strong growth in the upcoming few years as  AI ( Artificial intelligence) related tools become a major factor in consumers day to day usage and massive business opportunity for big tech companies.