Petrol price in Pakistan: Petrol prices surge by Rs13.55 per litre


ISLAMABAD: The outgoing caretaker government on Wednesday increased the petrol prices by Rs. 13.55 per Litre and also increased high-speed diesel (HSD) by Rs2.75.

This increase in fuel prices comes after when the prices of petroleum products surged in the international market due to the ongoing conflict in the Middle East disrupting oil supplies.

The New Petrol prices have increased from 259.34 to 272.89 changing 13.55 per litre in rupees. Major Pumps owners will settle their price above 272 because they fixed their price along with the retail value of selling petrol to consumers. visuals

Petrol is widely used by consumers who own bikes, motorcycles, and small cars. Most of these consumers are middle-class and lower-middle-class people and inflating fuel prices is another tough way of coping with the situation.

High-speed diesel (HSD) is widely used by large vehicles such as buses, trucks and other major transportation.

Published in DailyWestNorth.Com, February 1st, 2024