NVDA Stock: Nvidia Earning jumped by 170% in the current quarter


Nvidia’s ( NVDA ) high-tech AI Chip maker share surged to 6% in trading extension beating its fiscal second quarter.

 Earnings in the quarter that ends on July 30

  •  Revenue: $13.51 billion generated as compare to $11.22 billion a  market expectation.
  •  Earning: $2.70 per share as compared to 2.09 per share,  a market expectation.

Nvidia said that they can reach $16 billion in revenue in the third fiscal quarter revenue.

Nvidia became one of the top company by creating powerful hardware products such as GPU ( Graphic processing units ) and also building Artificial Intelligence hardware products that could run Generative AI Applications.

Nvidia’s A100 and H100 AI chips are specially designed for Generative AI applications.

Jensen Huang CEO of Nvidia said that The world has something along the lines of about a trillion dollars worth of data managing centers installed in integrated systems like the cloud, enterprise etc.

The demand for Nvidia-led GPU and AI. Hardware Chips are increasing globally as people want more powerful systems which is positive for Nvidia’s growth in revenue in upcoming quarters.

Creating a next-generation processor that transformed the gaming industry which is Nvidia’s main Market generated a massive revenue increase of up to 22% making $2.49 billion dollars.