Using More Salt to foods can increase the risk of chronic kidney disease


It is a known fact that a lot of foods for instance meat have some level of salt in it when it is cooked and also in fish as well. People are highly addicted to adding more salt to their foods on a regular basis, They are unaware of the amount of risk involved in using excessive salt.

Using excessive amounts of salt can increase the risk of hypertension, Blood pressure levels going high, strokes and heart attacks. The researchers in New Orleans have found that adding more salt to your foods can cause chronic kidney disorder.

Humans consume large amounts of salty foods including preserved and pickles, processed chicken, sausages, dried fish and more.

Dr Lu Qi of Tulane University in Louisiana and his research colleagues studied the records of 465,000 people who were asked how often they added salt to foods usually at the table. The self-reported frequency of adding salt to foods was found to be linked to a higher risk of lifelong kidney disease. Usage of salt can be minimised by understanding the food that which to be cooked, and the minimum amount of salt that can be used. For example, if cooked meat has its own salty taste then one must use less salt.

The research team studied people aged 37 to 73 years old and they found that the amount of salt consumed by this group raises serious concerns, it may cause cardiovascular and kidney disorders.