Google DeepMind AI-led tool to find out DNA mutation

dna mutation

Google Scientific team DeepMind has built an Artificial Intelligence Program that has the ability to find and predict genetic mutations and whether these mutations are harmful or likely to cause a disease.

AI-led programs can find missense mutations found in DNA. These mutations can create trouble in some circumstances disturbing the protein working in DNA.

The scientific Research team at Google identified and assessed 71 million single-letter mutations that could affect the human protein.

Scientists published an online catalogue of some of these predictions to help industry professionals including doctors and clinical researchers to study these mutations.

A particular human has about 9,000 missense mutations throughout their genome. Of more than 4 million seen in humans.

Artificial Intelligence is an adaptation of DeepMindā€™s AlphaFold program, which predicts the 3D structure of proteins in humans.

These AI-led predictions of such a complex nature of DNA might be Interesting but it is still in a nascent phase. AI led still far from error-free prediction but it can grow within a few years.

The DeepMind model has reached to some extent but it is still far from fixing what has led to the disorder, DeepMind is very good at generating predictions.

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