AI neurotech may cause harm to mental privacy Unesco Says

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This Esoteric potential of Neuro Technology has advanced so far that it could threaten human rights and mental privacy, It requires systematic regulation, Unesco Says.

UNESCO, a cultural and scientific organisation of the United Nations, has decided to develop a “Human-centric ethical framework ” for NeuroTechnology and to connect with computer’s led Artificial intelligence and the human brain to analyse neural signals activity. 

When you add AI ( Artificial intelligence), you are putting neurotechnology on steroids, “ said Mariagrazia Squicciarini”, A well-known author of a Unesco report on the high-speed innovation in neurotechnology.

AI-based systems in neurotechnology are to be used to diagnose Neurol related brain disorders, The main concern of Unesco on  AI-based systems is that it is near to reach to such a level that it could read human minds.

Top AI-led neuro companies including Elon Musk Neurolink and Dutch firm Onward Medical increasingly investing in the global neurotech billion markets. But UN-led organisations suggested that this high tech neural technology requires a proper regulation.

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